Sponsor a Horse

Horse Sid
Donation : $16,446.00/ $30,000.00

We have seen again and again the impact horses have on people who have a hard time placing trust in others, opening up, or regulating their emotions. That’s why we are committed to equine-assisted therapy as the method to help our clients on their personal journey toward healing. With that commitment, however, comes an influx of costs. Instead of an office, we must have land, facilities, feed, and staff to care for and keep our horses happy and healthy. Each therapy horse costs approximately $500 a month. That cost is completely run on philanthropic dollars from donors like you who see the need and the benefit of equine assisted therapy. We hope you will sponsor a horse– whether for a day ($17), a month ($500), or a year ($6,000).  Our therapy horses are the backbone of our organization and we love them as family. We hope you open your hearts to love them, too!


Sponsor a Child

Sponsor a Child
Donation : $12,150.00/ $50,000.00

Equine Partnership Program supplements between 63% – 100% of the costs for all therapy sessions for our clients. We believe that mental health and physical therapy should be available to anyone who needs it, regardless of ability to pay. In 2015, EPP raised the money to supplement over 600 therapy sessions ($27,000! Our donors are amazing!) and we are looking to double that number in 2016 with your help. Any amount— big or small — makes a huge difference for our clients and their families.


Miscellaneous Costs

Murphy's Law
Donation : $5,136.05/ $10,000.00

From tractor repair to new equipment for the horses, this is where to donate if you aren’t sure where to donate! We spend approximately $10,000 a year in unavoidable, miscellaneous costs.