Anna James

Anna James Senior Project

Donation : $735/ $7,500

Hi, my name is Anna James, and I am a student at George Washington High School in Denver, CO. I am in the International Baccalaureate program and as a part of the program, during our senior year, we each create a project to help the community. I have chosen to work with the Equine Partnership Program to help them raise the funds to purchase a truck that will help transport the horses and equipment. Having a truck to be able to transport horses is incredibly important to this organization. Hiring a commercial transport company to move horses is cost prohibitive and they aren’t always able to come out at a moment’s notice. Two of the equine therapy horses are senior horses– Jubee turns 30 this year! Being able to immediately get him to a vet if an emergency arises is crucial to the horse’s welfare. Additionally, being able to take horses out in the community to show the amazing work of equine therapy for mental and physical healing would be an added benefit to the program and the community. When it came time to find a cause I wanted to help for my senior project, I couldn’t think of a better cause to serve. I hope you will all join me in raising the funds for this truck and fulfilling a need of a wonderful organization. Thank you!


You’re Making a Difference

We serve children, individuals, and families referred to us through the Elbert County Department of Human Services, Denver Social Services, Heads Up Colorado, Denver Health Medicaid, and word of mouth.

Over 85% of the families that we work with have severe economic challenges and we try our best not to turn a family away due to lack of finances. With the increase of therapy provided and the increase in therapy horses and rescue horses taken in by EPP, your donation makes a huge impact.

No amount is too small--- our miniature pony Bubbles eats about $2 a day in hay and grain. A $45 donation helps offset the costs of therapy for one of our children for a week. You don't have to make a huge gesture to make a huge impact for our organization.