21 Jan

Volunteer Orientation

Venue : Victory Farms
Date : 21-01-2016
Time : 05:00 PM

Love horses? Want to help others? Give us a hand!

Every week, we conduct between 5-10 equine assisted therapy sessions to assist our clients on their personal journeys toward healing. Volunteers are absolutely vital to our program, as they not only provide safety to the riders (who often don’t have the balance required to ride alone safely) but are an extension of the therapist during sessions. What’s needed? We are looking for volunteers who would like to be horse leaders and side walkers for 60-minute physical therapy sessions. Each therapy session requires a minimum of two volunteers, so bring a friend and have fun doing good for our community!
What does a horse leader do? They lead the horse around the arena during the therapy session! This often includes large, wide circles and sometimes predetermined patterns. The therapist working that day will walk you through everything that you need to know. No experience is necessary and it’s quite a lot of fun. The side-walker is responsible for walking along side the horse, with your shoulder roughly next to the rider’s hip, to help the rider maintain balance. Especially in the beginning stages of riding, some riders have definite balance problems. Depending on the degree of difficulty, there will be one or two side-walkers assigned to each rider.
We host a Volunteer Orientation each week, which is required before putting you on the schedule to assist with therapy sessions. Join us and help us achieve our vision of providing the tools to awaken and sustain people’s values, voices, and hopes through healing experiences with horses, for the betterment of our communities.