2015 Successes

We are blown away by the support of our community. From 2014 to 2015, we saw a 123% increase in donations from individual donors and together, we raised $38,000 to help offset the costs for 600 equine-assisted therapy sessions.  From year to year, one strategic goal always remains constant: Expand programming to ensure anyone who needs therapy is able to receive it— regardless of ability to pay. Thanks to your support, we did it! We also congratulated 23 clients as they graduated from the Program (the greatest success in therapy!) Our Board of Directors just finished their strategic plan for 2016 and at the top of the list is to continue to provide therapy to those who need it regardless of ability to pay. At the end of 2015, we hired two additional therapists– Tiffany Cummings (MA, LPC, ATR) and Ciana Dodgion (MSW, CTRI) to meet the growing demand for both mental health therapy and physical/occupational therapy.

We are pleased with the progress we made in 2015 and we are eager to dive in to the tasks at hand for 2016. Thank you to all of the below donors for their support of our organization, which is readily visible in the changes we see in our clients week after week.

All C’s Embroidery & Advertising
Susan Baker
Katie Barton
Sarah Baumann
Kay Beard
Ruth Beriault
Body Therapy Pros
Paul and Nancy Brennan
Ray & Jean Bruening
Linda Burns
Canon Ridge
Capital Group
Anthony Cassidy
Brian & Cindy Connors
Felicia Cordier
Patricia Currie
Ciana Dodgion
William and Roxanne Doogan
Lee Dudley
Daniel & Christina Ecker

Willa Falck
Dan & Kris Figueira
Debbie Fitch
Cherilyn Geislinger
Karen Goodell
Groove Mazda
Horseware Ireland
Shelly Houston
John & Deborah Hurni
Iron Horse Vet Clinic
Kids Total Wellness, Inc.
Gretchen Keller
Carole Kenney
Diane Kilzer
Pat & Bill LaRock
Shari Lee
Tom & Laurie Lehmann
Jim & Karen Martin
Jenny McMillan
Melaluca Corporation

Melinda Melia
Todd Metzger
Jon Metzger
Mark & Terri Molther
Platinum Performance
Precourt Foundation
Lynne Ramsdell
Robyn & Daniel Ritsch
Anne Scott-Putney
MaryJo Scully
Astrid Sheil
Sheil & Associates Consulting
The Smith Family
Phil & Maddie Stansell
Steve Tannenbaum
Triple Crown Nutrition
The Valencia Family
Richard & Mandy Vogl
Joanne Waring
Shawn White

You’re Making a Difference

We serve children, individuals, and families referred to us through the Elbert County Department of Human Services, Denver Social Services, Heads Up Colorado, Denver Health Medicaid, and word of mouth.

Over 85% of the families that we work with have severe economic challenges and we try our best not to turn a family away due to lack of finances. With the increase of therapy provided and the increase in therapy horses and rescue horses taken in by EPP, your donation makes a huge impact.

No amount is too small--- our miniature pony Bubbles eats about $2 a day in hay and grain. A $45 donation helps offset the costs of therapy for one of our children for a week. You don't have to make a huge gesture to make a huge impact for our organization.