Nugget’s Story

Nugget is the newest rescue at EPP. The golden pony was abandoned at the Draft Horse auction in Northern Colorado a couple months ago. At barely a year old, we can’t imagine how terrified this poor pony was to be loaded on a giant stock trailer with a bunch of massive draft horses and shuttled into the chaos of an auction. No one bid on Nugget and, at the end of the day, the people who brought him left him in the auction stall– leaving him without a second thought. A friend who was there to buy a vaulting horse found Nugget hunkered down in the corner of a large pen, paid his bail-out fee, and drove him home in her SUV. The next day, he arrived at EPP. He was very wormy and malnourished and has been spending the last two months getting healthy, being loved on, and making friends with our other therapy pony Bubbles. We believe Nugget is a Haflinger, but time will tell how this sweet baby grows up and fills out.

He has started socializing with some of our therapy kids. One girl, a ten-year old named Annie, has a similar story. A little over a year ago, Annie was left at a gas station by her mother and her mother’s boyfriend. She waited all day until an older woman finally approached her and asked if she needed any help. Six months after being abandoned by her mother, she found out that her mother committed suicide. With no other family, Annie was put up for adoption. Today, she is living with her adopted family and comes to EPP weekly. When Annie first arrived, she was very closed off, but has started opening up little by little and telling her story to us– and to Nugget. It is our hope that Nugget and Annie will continue to grow together and that Annie will be the one to train and ride Nugget through the Equine Partnership Training Program.

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We serve children, individuals, and families referred to us through the Elbert County Department of Human Services, Denver Social Services, Heads Up Colorado, Denver Health Medicaid, and word of mouth.

Over 85% of the families that we work with have severe economic challenges and we try our best not to turn a family away due to lack of finances. With the increase of therapy provided and the increase in therapy horses and rescue horses taken in by EPP, your donation makes a huge impact.

No amount is too small--- our miniature pony Bubbles eats about $2 a day in hay and grain. A $45 donation helps offset the costs of therapy for one of our children for a week. You don't have to make a huge gesture to make a huge impact for our organization.