Wibero’s Story

For anyone familiar with show jumping’s top horses, you’ve probably heard of Wibero H. Owned by the Jornayvaz family, Wibero has been a top contender for the past eight years in the 1.2 – 1.4 metre jumper classes. Winning from Kentucky to California, Wibero amassed not only an impressive collection of ribbons, but also a huge fan club. With his kind eyes and small fleck of white on his forehead, Wibero is a barn favorite no matter where he goes.

Rob Jornayvaz said of the big bay gelding, “He has the most heart of any horse I’ve ever owned. You can feel how excited he is about his job—he gallops right to the base of a fence and soars over with his body and heart. Riding a horse like that is incredible because their happiness rubs off on you. For however long you ride him, you truly feel like you have wings.”

That’s why when Wibero suffered from a bone chip that couldn’t be treated, the Jornayvaz family was devastated. In an effort to preserve his health and happiness, they retired him. Wibero was turned out in a 100-acre pasture with his best friends to play and enjoy his retirement, but it was clear he wasn’t happy. Every morning for a year, Wibero would trot up to the fence when other horses were being taken out for their morning rides. He would watch with dismay as they went through what used to be his daily routine—a thorough grooming, the relaxing process of tacking up, flat work, jumps, and a nice long cool-down. It was clear. Wibero hated retirement.

The Jornayvaz family and trainer Michael Dennehy contacted the Equine Partnership Program about giving Wibero a job in the therapy program. It was a perfect fit.

Wibero loves his job as co-therapist. He gets to teach children and adults personal confidence, communication, trust, boundaries, and self-esteem. Because of Wibero’s incredible training, he is sensitive to and responsive to clients with additional physical disabilities. Wibero is also a shining example that just because one successful path ends, doesn’t mean another one won’t open. A quote by Franz Kafka perfectly sums up Wibero’s success as a therapy horse: “There are some things one can only achieve by a deliberate leap in the opposite direction.”

Welcome to the Equine Partnership Program, Wibero H. We’re glad you’ve taken your final leap to us.

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Wibero H in his prime with rider Rob Jornayvaz.






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We serve children, individuals, and families referred to us through the Elbert County Department of Human Services, Denver Social Services, Heads Up Colorado, Denver Health Medicaid, and word of mouth.

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